Friday, January 21, 2011

Hampton Roads Magazine Bridal Blog

What an honor to have a featured wedding photography story on the home page of the Hampton Roads Bridal Blog that is sponsored by Hampton Roads Magazine. Thank you so much Kelsey Clayton for the kind words!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

BJ + Brandon

Meet BJ & Brandon. After this engagement session they were voted #1 and #2 on Suffolk Virginia's 50 sexiest people of 2010! Click The Website for the full gallery (Don't forget the volume).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jamie + Mike

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I love you guys :)

How did you and Mike meet?

We were introduced by one of Mike’s fraternity brothers at 4400 Campus Club.
After our first meeting we remained friends for a number of years, but we were both dating other people. It wasn’t until after college that our relationship finally started to show potential. The year was 2006 and we each found ourselves at the end of a long-term relationship. One night we were both out with our friends when we bumped into each other. We were instantly caught up in long conversations and really enjoyed spending time with each other. There was actually one night when we were out with friends and we walked up to the bar to get a drink. Sitting at the bar was a woman who we had never met or ever spoken to. When we walked up she turned to us and asked if we were married. We both seemed a little surprised and said “No, we aren’t even dating.” At that moment she said something I’ll never forget, she said “You aren’t married? You should be. Have you seen the way the two of you look at each other?” In that moment, I realized that she was right. Ironically it took a complete stranger to open our eyes to the possibility of forever!

How did he propose?

What a wonderful surprise it was! Mike called my Dad on Christmas Eve 2009 to ask his permission. We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve and even though I didn't get a ring and was a little bummed, I resolved that Valentine's Day was around the corner. On Christmas Day, we headed up to my grandparent's house in Northern Virginia. Mike kept suggesting we go see the National Christmas tree in D.C. On Saturday evening, December 26, 2009, Mike and I, along with my mom, who was privy to the surprise, my brother, Kevin, and sister-in-law, Jessica, headed into D.C. Kevin and Jessica had no idea what was planned and my Mom played it cool. Once we arrived at the National Christmas Tree, it was so crowded. We found a spot on the fence in front of the tree and I asked Kevin and Jessica to take a picture of us. We took the first picture and Mike's heart was racing. As they were about to snap the second picture, Mike got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. There were tons of strangers around and everyone started clapping and cheering and taking pictures of us! I hardly remember any of it, but from what I hear, my response was "Yes, yes, yes!"

Why did you choose the Pagoda as your venue?

After researching other venues for weeks, we decided on the Pagoda and the Japanese gardens in Norfolk. They provided a perfect backdrop for the wedding since most Mike's family traveled from Japan to attend the wedding.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

The most memorable part of the day for me, was the look on Mike's face when I walked down the aisle. He actually had tears in his eyes! Also, all the fun we had with our family and friends at the reception. Everyone we love was in the same room! For Mike, he says the most memorable part of the day was seeing me walking down the aisle towards him.

What are you looking forward to most as a married couple?

We are most looking forward to what the future is going to bring. Knowing we are going to be waking up with the person we love every day for the rest of our lives is a great feeling. Once you find your soul mate, the possibilities are endless! We are excited about eventually starting a family and enjoying the little moments in life together.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bridal Portraits: Amy Cambell

You have no idea how hard it has been not to post these!

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a bridal portrait session with now newlywed Amy Cambell at Regent University in Virginia Beach. It has been a long couple of weeks just sitting on these beautiful pics waiting until after her wedding day to post them. This past Sunday the wedding finally arrived and I will be posting pics of Amy & Todd's big day very soon.