Friday, July 23, 2010

Dave & Diane

I recently had the pleasure of shooting engagement photos of two of my close friends. I met Dave and Diane at his uncle's house outside of Lynchburg, VA. The house sits on 100+ acres of land and the property has a stocked fishing pond where the couple spends a good amount of time relaxing.

These two were so much fun to shoot with I almost forgot I was working! I can't wait for the wedding day. The ceremony is going to be held at the same beautiful location.

Congrats Dave and Diane, you make such a sweet couple.

Click here for the full photo gallery and scroll down for my Q & A with the couple.

How did you two meet? Tell us your story.
We met on in February 2006. Months before we met, a joint friend was interested in setting us up together; although things never panned out with our friend, we ended up finding each other on After an interesting first impression, we have been together ever since.

Three adjectives that describe you two are...Crazy, original, comfortable

What details are going to be unique about your wedding?
Were singing to each other, Dave is wearing lime green socks and I am wearing lime green shoes.

Describe the proposal...
On our 4 year anniversary trip to Wintergreen, Dave gave me a "gag" gift fake rose, that opened up to a ring box.